Travel and Vanlife

Van Life In Italy

We’ve been soaking up the Italian sun for over six weeks now. Easing ourselves into the heat of Italy in summer, we started our trip in the Dolomites. We hiked, saw the most incredible views, were out from sunrise to sunset and felt fully at home back in the mountains. The days were warm and… Continue reading Van Life In Italy

This is 2022

Time has absolutely flown since my last blog post! If you have been following along on our adventures and whereabouts via our social media, you already know we are still making the most of our time in the Austrian Alps. We’ve spent the past few months travelling in Austria, getting the van fixed and ready… Continue reading This is 2022

Summer Is Here

Well its official, we survived a Norwegian winter! Spring has passed and summer is finally here! Spring time, here in Norway, brought with it the sunshine, but the days were still fresh, sitting on an average of around 8-10 degrees here in Lofoten. We were starting to question whether we would ever feel warm enough… Continue reading Summer Is Here

Arctic Life

Life in the arctic is like no other. The landscapes are spectacular, the weather is extreme and the native wildlife is thriving. Living above the arctic circle is not for the faint hearted, it will keep you on your toes, continuously guessing what will come next! Over our first two months here, in Northern Norway,… Continue reading Arctic Life

Life Continues Into 2021…

Our Norwegian Christmas was everything we had hoped for and more. We filled our bodies with all the traditional Norwegian Christmas food and kept warm sipping on homemade glögg wine by the campfire, Lockie had built for us and the pork ribbe was cooking away on the BBQ. Lockie was particularly impressed with himself, ticking… Continue reading Life Continues Into 2021…

Vanlife Continues In Norway

A few weeks have passed since we finished up our quarantine period here on arrival in Norway. The 10 days flew by as we enjoyed some down time-relaxing on a couch never felt so good! I also joined the quarantine baking club, spending the time making anything and everything I could, taking full advantage of… Continue reading Vanlife Continues In Norway

Travel During Lockdowns

Late last week, we left the safety of our friends’ backyard in Austria and headed back out on the road in hope to reach Norway. On leaving Austria, they had just gone back into full lockdown, whilst the rest of Europe was already into their second round of lockdowns or are soon to be heading… Continue reading Travel During Lockdowns

This Is Life

And just like that things are finally feeling like they are slowly falling into place…Late last week, we received our new plates and van registration papers in the mail from Andorra! After weeks of back and fourth, we did it! The hurdles keep coming and somehow, thus far, we are continuing to make our way… Continue reading This Is Life

Vanlife and Worklife

For many vanlifers, they live a life of complete wanderlust and freedom. They have sold off their assets and have the plan of living full-time in their van for a very long time, no mortgages, loans or set monthly bills. Some living off there savings and have kissed work life goodbye with no plans of… Continue reading Vanlife and Worklife

So What’s Next???

After reading our recent blogs on our travels and hardships, your all probably wondering what our plans are now… Thankfully, during the midst of our recent visa dramas, our Norwegian Working Holiday Visa was approved, finally! This means that regardless of border restrictions, we can enter Norway as we have been granted a temporary residence… Continue reading So What’s Next???

Let’s Talk Visas!

There is so much confusing information out there for all of us non-EU citizens trying to prolong our stays legally in this beautiful content! Trust me, we have read through a lot of information and spent a lot of hours stressing over how we can make it work for us! We have been told incorrect… Continue reading Let’s Talk Visas!

The Best Of The Atlantic Coast Of France – The Perfect Road Trip

For the past three weeks or so, we have been slowly making our way down the Atlantic coast of France. Along the way we have passed through, explored and stayed the night (or a few) at many places and areas. We have discovered some truly amazing spots and cities, some well-known, while others are secret… Continue reading The Best Of The Atlantic Coast Of France – The Perfect Road Trip

Travel In 2020

We’ve been back on the road for around six weeks now. It’s definitely a very different time. I previously shared with you a little insight into our experience with travel and corona, but now further on, with more time spent travelling from spot to spot, we can share more with you. If you are like… Continue reading Travel In 2020

The Vanlife Test

Vanlife is a real test for any relationship. You spend a lot of time together, in a very small space. On top of that, you have zero privacy, so if you are dreaming of vanlife, be mindful of this. Lockie and I literally cook, eat, sleep, use the bathroom and shower in the same vicinity… Continue reading The Vanlife Test

Making The Most Of Life

Since leaving Austria, this has been our first proper vanlife experience. By proper vanlife, I mean, we have no set plans and are taking our time cruising from country to country, with only a final destination in mind.  As I write this, I am sitting cliff side in the Normandie region, on the French coastline.… Continue reading Making The Most Of Life

Vanlife Continues

So we are back on the road. Last week we left Austria and headed back out on the road. With a mission in our sights, we knew exactly where we were headed and what we planned to do. Before leaving Austrian borders, we were sceptical about returning to life on the road, but thankfully so… Continue reading Vanlife Continues

Goodbye Austria

Our time in Austria has come to an end and we are filled with mixed emotions. We are definitely both excited to continue onwards with the adventure we set out to do, but we are saddened to leave this beautiful country. This country has provided us, for the last 4 months in particular, with safety,… Continue reading Goodbye Austria


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