Summer Is Here

Well its official, we survived a Norwegian winter! Spring has passed and summer is finally here! Spring time, here in Norway, brought with it the sunshine, but the days were still fresh, sitting on an average of around 8-10 degrees here in Lofoten. We were starting to question whether we would ever feel warm enough to wear shorts again, then boom June hit and so did the warm weather! The past few days, the temperature has ranged from a sunny 15-24 degrees and we could not be happier about it. Hoping that it’s here to stay otherwise going back into winter woollies will be extra hard! 

In the arctic, we have now have the midnight sun, which means 24 hours of sunlight! Yep, thats right the sun never fully sets. We were told stories of how Norwegians go out hiking at all hours and basically survive on minimal sleep over the summer months. We initially thought that’s insane but, we now understand it and are definitely guilty of falling into these ways. After months of no to minimal sunlight, you honestly can’t get enough of the sun and being warmer.

I’m sitting here writing this, glowing a lovely shade of red, sun burnt after days of endless hours in the warm sun! The hardest part about living through a winter in Norway is definitely the little to no sunlight that occurs. We found that our vitamin D levels were extremely low and left us feeling very tired and lethargic over the cold months, so it’s so nice to feel fully energised again. Taking supplements helps but nothing beats the real deal. 

Since our last post, our plans have changed (again)! We have decided to make the most of the warmer weather, so we are going to hit the road again for full-time travel again, shortly. Now that summer is here and the EU plans to re-open borders, we have big plans and hope to fulfil them. We know that with the world still in its current pandemic state, it will get tricky but after last summer on the road, we know it’s definitely doable, so long as you are prepared and have all the required paperwork ready to go as you cross borders. 

Van life in summer is honestly, what I live for, it’s the reason why I love this life so much. Pulling up to a beautiful location and calling it home for the night, having a barbeque or picnic in the sunshine and just enjoying every single moment of being outdoors in the sunshine. Looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring and where we will end up!

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