Life Continues Into 2021…

Our Norwegian Christmas was everything we had hoped for and more. We filled our bodies with all the traditional Norwegian Christmas food and kept warm sipping on homemade glögg wine by the campfire, Lockie had built for us and the pork ribbe was cooking away on the BBQ. Lockie was particularly impressed with himself, ticking off some of his goals on Christmas; barbequing in the snow and having a campfire in the snow. I give Lockie full credit for the magic he created, it really made our Christmas extra special and one to remember.

Once Christmas celebrations ceased, the new year rolled in. We rang in the new year working, listening to live music and getting the privilege to hang out with people for all over the world. As the new year hit, we watched the fireworks from our workplaces terrace and toasted to a hopeful, great year ahead. 

The start of 2021 hasn’t gone to plan. With COVID affecting travel from neighbouring countries, Norwegian ski resorts are thriving but without tourists. Tourists allow the hospitality industry to boom and unfortunately our workplace has closed its doors due to the lack of demands this year. Restrictions have also been placed on the sale of alcohol which made the tough decision on closure easier for them to make. So here we are, one week into 2021 and the first road block hits.

Although we are a little bummed it didn’t work out, we know that in time, life has a way of working out. We are looking forward to the opportunity to travel further north earlier than we had planned, with a much greater chance of viewing the unbelievable northern lights. A lot of our plans for sightseeing and travel whilst in Norway, are further north so it just means that we get to possibly experience things sooner rather than later, which is a massive plus!

We have a location in our views to call home for the rest of the winter, so we plan to tie up any lose ends here in Øyer and hit the road. We know that if something is meant to be, it will be, so we aren’t too stressed about gaining employment elsewhere. Thankfully, we managed to fit in a months work whilst here, so it gives us some time to not stress about finances and just enjoy the road trip north.

2020 definitely taught us some serious lessons on how to not be too disheartened when things don’t go our way and it most definitely made us more resilient and mentally tough. We know that we will be fine and things will fall into place eventually. It might not be smooth sailing or easy but that’s all part of the adventure I guess…

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