The Vanlife Test

Vanlife is a real test for any relationship. You spend a lot of time together, in a very small space. On top of that, you have zero privacy, so if you are dreaming of vanlife, be mindful of this.

Lockie and I literally cook, eat, sleep, use the bathroom and shower in the same vicinity so there is definitely no secrets in this van! We laugh and joke about it and often say to each other, imagine what it will be like when we eventually return to living in a normal house, imagine all the space we will have! We find it hilarious and laugh it off most days, but some days it can get to you. 

I think it’s important to have a little time away from one another or at least some quiet, down time. We spend a lot of time together, most days without a break (I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course!), so naturally we have times where we get on each others nerves. It’s good to remember that this is completely normal and spending this much time together is not normal so you are bound to, at some point, annoy one another. 

We survived corona lockdown in our van, so I think we will be okay! Living in a van full-time with your partner is a great way to learn quickly, if you two are a good match. You will get to know basically everything you could possibly know, the good, the bad and the ugly! If you can survive vanlife with your partner, I honestly think that it’s a extremely solid foundation for your future! It can be a real test at times, especially doing it in foreign countries, where you only have one another to lean on for support and to lift your spirits when things don’t go to plan or you are having a bad day. Very thankful for Lockie and I know the feeling is mutual. 

Vanlife will really make you feel very comfortable in your relationship. There are no surprises hidden under the surface and we are both open books. You can’t hide a thing from the other, and I know that sounds awful, but I think it’s the best part. Blessed to be travelling the world and sharing all, with the boy who fills my heart and soul.

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