Arctic Life

Life in the arctic is like no other. The landscapes are spectacular, the weather is extreme and the native wildlife is thriving.

Living above the arctic circle is not for the faint hearted, it will keep you on your toes, continuously guessing what will come next! Over our first two months here, in Northern Norway, we have encountered a total of three wild storms, that tend to roll in as fast as they can roll out. Most days, you experience all seasons so you really need to be prepared for any weather, all day, everyday!

To Norwegians, it’s just another winter or spring storm and from our experience, they surely must be so acclimatised to severe weather conditions because it seems to happen so,so often.

Mother nature sure doesn’t hold back up here in the North!

As I sit here and write this blog post, I stare out of the glass window in a small fisherman’s cabin, on the harbour of the historically beautiful, Nusfjord. I watch the wind hurl through the grounds and the waves roar. Yes you guessed it, we are surviving another arctic storm!

The arctic has tested us the past few weeks. Poor Tommy coped an unpleasant knock to his left rear, as we stalled and slid down an unforgiving icy peak. Thankfully, he is okay and managed to escape with only slight exterior damage. The arctic and Norway in general, over winter, is the place where you cannot ever be too careful. Lesson learnt and snow chains will always be used if we are uncertain. Lucky for insurance! 

The accident left us shaken and honestly, we felt defeated. It’s really been a battle trying to constantly fall on our feet, time and time again. Life for the past year has been far from anything we planned. This last mishap left us doubting ourselves and the decisions we have made in this time.

Living abroad the past year, during the pandemic, is an ongoing challenge and sometimes our options are slim to non. This experience has really taught us a strength like no other and we know that when we do return home, any problems we may encounter in our home country, will seem insignificant to the obstacles we have overcome abroad. So onwards we push and try to make the best out of all situations, staying positive that the world will soon be a more ‘normal’ place again.

After resetting and putting our positivity pants back on, we were struck down again, with mechanical issues with Tommy. A blocked DPF, left him with low power and no go. So for now, Tommy is currently off the road whilst we wait for a new part to arrive.

Bad things set aside, we cannot wait to get back out on the road in Tommy. Currently, we have been lucky enough to secure some work to continue to fund our adventures. So here in beautiful Lofoten, we plan to spend the upcoming summer season. Bring on warmer weather, sunnier days and more magical adventures on the road.

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