Travel In 2020

We’ve been back on the road for around six weeks now. It’s definitely a very different time. I previously shared with you a little insight into our experience with travel and corona, but now further on, with more time spent travelling from spot to spot, we can share more with you.

If you are like us, then I’m sure you are sick of the day to day news of covid-19 and the updates happening globally, hearing the nothing but bad news, but I guess whether we like it or not, it really does affect us all. This is why I thought it’s interesting to hear of our experience travelling in Europe with Corona rules and regulations through the past weeks.

We have spent roughly the last month, travelling from The Netherlands, through Belgium and into France. We have followed the coast as we made our way towards our final destination of Andorra. As we left The Netherlands, they were just introducing new regulations for mandatory masks in main cities, social distancing was already being put into place. Belgium had similar regulations although, we believe that face masks were obligatory in all cities/towns, at all times besides when you are seated at a restaurant/café or sitting down to have a bite or drink to eat on a bench/seat etc. Social distancing is necessary as well as hand hygiene. Travelling in France has been the same. Face masks are obligatory, social distancing is present as well as hand hygiene. 

These measures are sign posted in most places and the majority seem to abide by them. It has been a bit more relaxed in quieter places and small towns particularly those by the ocean. Travelling with a face mask isn’t pleasant at times, especially when its 30 plus degrees out! You do what you have to do and know it’s for your own good as well as everyone elses. We have tried to avoid busier places and crowds which is more our style anyway. When you are out hiking in nature and have miles of space, it’s a nice feeling of normality and to forget about the chaos happening around the world for a few hours.

Although what I have just shared doesn’t sound too appealing, there has definitely been things we are grateful for travelling in this time. Places that would usually be packed with tourists throughout the warmer weather are much quieter, you get to see a lot more in your time as there are no ques or crowds to get through, we have scored some unbelievable parks for the night that, in normal busy times, we doubt we would have, and some towns have even voided parking fees to help lure tourists back in. 

In a crazy time, we feel very fortunate to have seen the places we have and to have seen them in a more relaxed, calm and natural way. I’ve seen many memes and posts on social media in regards to 2020, the ones that leave the biggest imprint are those that say ‘2020 is the year that showed us what we have to be grateful for’ and this couldn’t be more true. 

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