So What’s Next???

After reading our recent blogs on our travels and hardships, your all probably wondering what our plans are now…

Thankfully, during the midst of our recent visa dramas, our Norwegian Working Holiday Visa was approved, finally! This means that regardless of border restrictions, we can enter Norway as we have been granted a temporary residence permit. This allows us to live and work in Norway for the next year. It also means that during that time, we are free to travel legally throughout the Schengen zone for 90 days at a time before returning back to Norway. You can imagine what a relief is it to have this visa sorted!

We are currently in the process of re-registering our van for another year to Andorra via postal service. This is a lengthy process for a number of reasons, one being post to Andorra is slow as it goes to either France or Spain first, and then makes its way into Andorra afterwards. The second reason is, Andorra work in there own time. What I mean by that is, nothing happens quickly there and they run there own race compared to the rest of Europe. 

Once we receive our registration papers, we will be headed to Norway to begin the next phase in our crazy adventure. We are hoping to arrive in Norway just before the winter season starts. Due to corona restrictions and border controls, there is a massive chance we will have to quarantine on arrival in Norway, we are not thrilled about the thought of it but know that it’s a safety precaution to keep Norway corona free and that is reassuring to us, to know that we will be safe once we get there and start our new chapter. We currently have no plans for were exactly we are headed, that will be decided soon hopefully if we can be lucky enough to secure seasonal work before we head there. You are probably thinking wow, that’s insane to have no idea where you are headed but we’ve lived this life long enough to know that; a) nothing ever goes to plan and b) regardless of what happens we will figure it out and be okay.

We recently had a skype interview for work in one of the Ski resorts in Norway, so we are crossing our fingers and toes to receive good news back shortly!!! We have sussed out seasonal accommodation at a close by campsite, who amazingly can fit us in for the season, at a bargain of a price! I like to think that if something is meant to be, it will be, so I’m sure if we are meant to end up in this town, we will, someway or another.

Working over the winter season is ideal for us, we get to save up for our next road trip and get perks of the job working in a ski resort/village of cheaper and sometimes free lift passes, which is a massive saving especially since Lockie lives for chasing powder. It’s also a great way to learn and assimilate into the local ways and it’s a chance to meet new people, which really adds to your travel experience.

Although our future is unclear, I think that makes it more exciting. We are excited for new experiences, in a new country and I guess that’s why we love living the vanlife dream. 

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