This Is Life

And just like that things are finally feeling like they are slowly falling into place…Late last week, we received our new plates and van registration papers in the mail from Andorra! After weeks of back and fourth, we did it! The hurdles keep coming and somehow, thus far, we are continuing to make our way through them. Some days I’m not sure if we are actually jumping over the hurdle or just running full steam ahead through it! Regardless, we are powering on and making it past them and continuing on despite the set backs.

The world and living abroad currently, is an ongoing test; a test of your mental strength and toughness, a test of your patience and a test of your hope and positivity that things will be okay. I often say to Lockie when we get faced with our next dilemma, “when will we catch a break?, when will something go to plan?”. I guess it’s just life and COVID, and the things that come with it, are now a part of it. Life never (or hardly ever) goes exactly to plan and I think sometimes it’s a good thing…Sometimes things end up better than you ever imagined and other times, life takes the complete opposite direction. Some how or somewhere along the line, regardless of the path your life takes, you get through it. You look back and realise either it wasn’t as bad as you initially thought or you can look back and be proud of how you handled it and how you managed to get through it. 

As we plan to leave Austria for a second time round, we are filled with excitement and nerves. Europe is going back into its second round of lockdowns and this makes the trek to Norway a bit more complicated. Trying to plan our trip to ensure it goes smoothly is a frustrating task. Things change daily and who knows what could happen whilst we are headed on our way. Transiting through countries at the current moment is fine it seems, so long as you have good reason.

We have to trust our gut and the fact that we really have no other option currently, that Norway is the best place for us to be. That it will be fine and we will work it out as we go. On arrival in Norway, it is now mandatory that you complete 10 days quarantine as a foreign traveller. It cannot be done in a campervan, so we will be cooped up in a small cabin/unit for our quarantine period. Most people would dread the thought of this, however, after living in a van through a full lockdown already and in the midst of a partial lockdown currently, it really doesn’t faze us. We are used to living in a small space and being in each others faces 24/7 so I think it will be a breeze. Current rules allow you to leave the house for some fresh air so bring it on I say.

Rolling with the punches of 2020 is a challenge but 2021 is closing in on us fast. Here’s to hope that the new year brings with it an end to the madness of the past.  

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