Vanlife Continues In Norway

A few weeks have passed since we finished up our quarantine period here on arrival in Norway. The 10 days flew by as we enjoyed some down time-relaxing on a couch never felt so good! I also joined the quarantine baking club, spending the time making anything and everything I could, taking full advantage of having a proper oven again!

Quarantine finished and then we were free!!! We checked into our home at the campsite for the winter and found ourselves an epic park by the lake, where tommy sits parked up at night enjoying the view.

Norway in winter in an absolute fairy tale. When we arrived in Norway, snow was yet to fall, but whilst we were in quarantine the snow came and turned the town of Øyer, into a dreamy winter wonderland. Walking through the snowy streets filled our hearts with so much Christmas cheer, I honestly felt as though I was onset of a movie. I still pinch myself at the sight. A true white Christmas is everything we ever dreamed of and more. If a white Christmas isn’t on your bucket list, do yourself a favour and add it now!!! I promise it will not disappoint!

Not only is Norway magical, but in terms of COVID, it is a nice break from the chaos. Things are much more relaxed here, with mostly just social distancing rules. You can go about your day without too much worry. We are still being extra precautious and wearing face masks when in crowds but it is not a requirement. It is so good to feel slightly normal again after so long.

As Christmas is coming in a few short days, we are filled with excitement to spend it in full Norwegian style. As Australians, to us, it still is strange to celebrate on Christmas eve but we think it’s important and all part of the experience to do as they do. It also works in our favour that when we are celebrating on the 24thin the evening, our families at home are waking up on Christmas morning to start there celebrations too. 

I know that Christmas 2020 is one we will all never forget thanks to COVID. Instead of being upset and disheartened by the changes we have all had to make, there is plenty still to be grateful for and to celebrate, so have yourself a Merry Christmas! 

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