Can we live a NORMAL LIFE in a VAN ?!

And just like that, today we are 2 months into our vanlife adventure. Our vanlife story is a little different to most. Two months ago, we arrived in Kitzbühel, Austria to start our journey and that is where we have spent the last 8 weeks and plan to spend the next 2-3 months. We planned to spend the whole winter season in the Alps, working and chasing powder. We are currently on a 6 month working holiday visa in Austria. For us, this is a great option and experience. We are earning an income and still have time for recreation. 

Lockie and I both got lucky securing jobs for the season, working 4-5 days per week. Our days off usually involve snowboarding or exploring a new place in the Tirol region. When we both have the day off together, you will definitely find us searching for the best coffee in town at some point throughout the day!

Working here in Kitzbühel has shown us the Austrian lifestyle and how easy it is to slip into it. Our German isn’t great but it is improving and being in the workforce has definitely helped significantly. The locals have been so nice and helpful, giving us tips and advice when we need it and even teaching us how to say things in German. We have met a numerous individuals from all over the world that came here for a holiday and never left. Lockie and I do plan to leave but we can absolutely see why people would choose to stay. Kitzbühel and Austria in general has so much to offer, especially if you love the outdoors. You can ski and snowboard your way through the winter and hike or mountain bike until your hearts content in warmer weather.

Here in Kitzbühel, Tommy the transit is parked at Camping Schwarzsee. They offer seasonal spots and have everything we need and more. During winter here in the alps, we knew we wouldn’t get enough sun for our solar to charge our batteries so it was essential that we had electricity hook up and warm showers. The added bonus they offer at Camping Schwarzsee is the wellness centre which includes a gym, sauna’s and a pool, as well as a laundry and a dry room. Lockie and I were talking the other night about our time here so far and how simple and easy we find living in the van. Don’t get me wrong, the first week had it’s challenges as we had just moved into the van for the first time after we had renovated it and were now living in snowy conditions in the Austrian alps. It didn’t take long and we got into the swing of how to make it work. Now 2 months on, to us living in the van is “normal” life. We get up, go to work, cook and clean just like everyone else but the difference is we have the option to pack up and leave with our home at any moment we choose. 

Our vanlife journey has only just begun, we have the rest of the years travel planned out once winter is over and will be on the road again for our next destination. Stay tuned to here more about our #vanlife!

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