Quick Guide: Frankfurt

In the summer of 2019, we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany where we stayed for two months to complete our van build. As Frankfurt is a main city, it is rather expensive in terms of hotels, air bnbs and hostels as well as eating out. For most of our time we did end up staying in air bnbs so that we could get the van build done in the most efficient way. We did try at times to stay in the van at caravan parks however, coming into the off season many were shut, unhelpful or the facilities were terrible. We found that staying 30mins or so out of the city area made a massive difference in accommodation prices and as we had the van to drive this was a good option. It also let us see some small towns and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Public transport in Frankfurt am Main, was fairly easy to figure out once you got your head around it. We used the trains mostly for getting around in the busier parts of the main city as driving and parking a large van in small streets is not fun…we did learn the hard way a few times! The tram is also a good way to get around. It really just depends on where you want to go as to what option you use. You can download an application called Moovit which is great for getting public transport routes in a lot of cities not just Frankfurt.

We didn’t eat out too much here as we had a small kitchen available and grocery prices seem very reasonable in comparison to eating out. We found that an average meal out for 2 adults costed anywhere from a quarter-half of a weekly shop for us, so it was very hard to justify doing this. I also like to cook so it wasn’t too much of a struggle to do so even after a long, exhausting day working on the van. On the few occasions we ate out we can give some tips. We found good traditional German cuisine at Apfelwein Wagner. It is located in the Sachsenhausen area and is nestled among lots of restaurants, Lockie enjoyed his first pork knuckle of the trip here. Pork knuckle isn’t common in the Hesse area so if you are craving one, you will find it here. We really love Asian food so if we do eat out this is a common pick. We stumbled upon Kahuna Pöke Bro’s and it was a good find, here you can make up your own poke bowl or choose one off the menu. It is a great healthy option that is delicious plus they are super friendly, speak English and they are happy to guide you through how the menu works. They are situated just outside of the busyness of the city and are easily accessible via the number 11 tram. 

We did go on the hunt for the best coffees in town and found a few good ones so we can make some recommendations here. Lockie’s pick on the best coffee in the Frankfurt is Aniis, it is located in the Ostend area and is right on the number 11 tram line. We also found good coffee at Kantine which is located above Tatcraft, the workspace we used. It is located at Gwinnerstraße on the U4 train line. Lockie was a morning regular here and the kitchen staff were very friendly and after a while they became like family to us. My pick on the best coffee I had whilst in Frankfurt was at Picknick café, Bornheim. Again this café in located on the U4 train line. We also visited Bunca Barista & Caterer as we found great reviews online. The coffee was good however, it was hard to enjoy it as it is a tiny, busy little café in the business district of Frankfurt. It was a bit harder to find than others and was tucked away down a side street. All these cafes were a bit hipster and the coffee quality was had similarities so I don’t think you will be disappointed regardless on which one you visit.

While visiting Frankfurt or the Hesse area, a must try is the local Apfelwein (apple wine). It is a popular alcoholic drink choice in the region and is the state beverage. It’s taste is similar to that of an apple cider except it comes in its own apfelwein glass. If you are out and about, you will notice how much the people of Frankfurt love it and probably be amazed at how quickly they can drink it too!

We hope these tips help you out on your visit to Frankfurt! 

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