Goodbye Austria

Our time in Austria has come to an end and we are filled with mixed emotions. We are definitely both excited to continue onwards with the adventure we set out to do, but we are saddened to leave this beautiful country.

This country has provided us, for the last 4 months in particular, with safety, a sense of security and a place to call home. We are beyond grateful for the experience we have had here, the love and support we have received and most of all, the kindness of those we have met. 

Thank you Austria, for the strangely pleasant corona experience, the wide open spaces and the amazing beauty you just keep on giving. To feel so at home in a foreign country, where you speak very little of the language, is a truly incredible feeling. To not feel out of place or massively homesick, at a time of a global pandemic, leaves us speechless even now. Know words can describe how blessed and lucky we feel to have been ‘stuck’ here.

The Austrian way of life is definitely one that we could grow accustomed to for the long-term. Life seems less rushed here and more relaxed. One thing that I really love here, is that on Sundays the majority of stores are closed, meaning that Sundays are for family time at home. Sundays are for winding down after a busy week and enjoying your loved ones company. It is definitely something that most countries that don’t already have this culture could learn from. We will miss the peaceful Sundays in the mountains, the smell of Sunday lunch cooking from home to home and the stillness of the usually busy streets. 

We will miss driving through the countryside and being truly blown away by the natural beauty that’s before us. The constant jaw dropping views of crystal clear lakes, surrounded by gigantic mountains that stand along side them. Some days I pinch myself as it’s so picturesque it’s hard for me, standing right there, to even believe its real life.

Austria is the untouched paradise in the mountains that I never wouldn’t think could exist. It is the perfect blend of natures best features. Austria, thank you, for making me fall in love with you, time and time again. Thank you, for the constant reminder of how truly incredible this earth is, for the reminder to appreciate all that we have been given in this life, for the reminder of the importance of spending time with loved ones and the reminder to soak up every last moment of every magical day.

Goodbye for now Austria, we will be back! 

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