Key Travel Items – Things to pack for your next adventure

Living on the road and out of a van really drives home the importance of having certain travel items. These are the items that make life easier, more enjoyable, take up minimal space or just come in handy. Now obviously everyone’s ideas on travelling are different, but I’ve compiled a nice list of items for anyone doing a campervan or backpacking holiday. Most of these items are also useful to those travelling in general too.

Now I’m taking a stab here and assuming most people doing the vanlife/backpacker style of travel are into the great outdoors like us, so here’s my list of non-negotiable items to pack.

1.     A compact Bluetooth speaker. 

We have a UE Boom and we use it probably more than any other item. It’s nice to have music playing as your chilling, working out or working on your laptop.

2.     A hiking style backpack. 

A backpack is essential. I was never a huge backpack person prior to moving to Europe but I soon learnt how useful it can be. Instead of trying to squeeze everything into a handbag, it gives you room to pack water and food for a full day out plus jumpers and anything else you need. It also won’t give you a sore shoulder. Lockie and I both have Dakine backpacks that are both around 25-30L bags. I also have a smaller version one that folds up into a little satchel and weighs hardly anything which is useful when you don’t need as much stuff. We use our backpacks when we go hiking, snowboarding, site seeing and really anywhere we go that requires us to need to take anything with us.

3.     Hiking Shoes. 

Now these are great for anyone, whether your doing easy-difficult grade hikes or walking on uneven surfaces they sure are useful. I have a Salomon pair that I love. That can be used for trail running/hiking so they look a jogger but have a gripper sole. They have pull tie laces so there’s no chance of your shoe lace becoming untied, which is awesome because I’m one of those people that it always happens to when exercising regardless of what style of knot I use!

4.     A light weight towel.

A light weight and rollable style towel is an excellent choice to pack when you are travelling. It will save so much room and they dry quicker than a regular towel. There’s so many great options for these on the market these days so it shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on one.

5.     A spray/wind jacket.

These jackets are a must! Perfect for hiking or sight seeing. Great to carry these in your backpack so you are prepared for unexpected weather changes. They are super lightweight, yet will keep you warm enough if the rain cools the temperature and the wind picks up. We recently got Kilimanjaro ones and we wish we had gotten them sooner. Definitely saved us from a complete drenching a few times! 

Now there is obviously more items that you will need, but I think these are the main ones that you really require if you are living this simple, adventurous lifestyle, like us. I hope you find these as useful as we do! Happy packing! 

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