Vanlife Kitchen Cooking Essentials

For any of you that may follow my other social media account @easyeatsandexercise, you will already be aware of the meals I whip up in our tiny van kitchen! If not make sure you check them out, theres’s an easy eats and exercise section on this website!

So I thought, why not share with you all my list of kitchen essentials. I have all these items in my van kitchen and these basic items allow me to make some amazing meals that some wouldn’t believe were made with such basic equipment.

So here’s my list of items;

1.     Mini Tongs- These are seriously the best! I use them for everything! The added bonus is they are small and don’t take up too much space.

2.     Potato Masher- This is item will allow you to do so much! My secret vanlife cooking hack! This item allows me to recreate meals that usually require a blender. Check out my nice cream and falafel recipes for proof!

3.     Measuring Cups- I know some people think you don’t necessarily need these but trust me, they come in handy, especially when you live in a van and have minimal plates and cups.

4.     Mixing Bowls- I have one large metal mixing bowl and 1 smaller bowl. These are awesome and can be used for multiple purposes. You can use them for marinating meats, for salads or general cooking use. Definitely a good buy.

5.     Mini Whisk- A tiny whisk comes in handy if you want to cook anything other than basics. The one I have in so cute and tiny but it does the job. Perfect size for vanlife.

6.     Chopping Boards- A good large chopping board is 100% essential. Regardless of what you are cooking you need one. Having a second small chopping board also comes in handy so you don’t cross contaminate surfaces especially when using raw meats. Good size for cutting fresh bread.

7.     Frypans- A good frypan is heaven to a foodie! Look for a non-stick, coated option and it will save you so much time washing up. In the van I have, one medium/large frypan and then a smaller one. This is great as the size variations mean they fit nicely together on two burner stove. 

8.     Saucepans- I have one large and one small saucepan in the van. The large one is perfect for boiling pasta whilst the small pot is a great size for boiling veggies or making oatmeal.

9.     Slotted Spoon- Perfect for boiling veggies or poaching eggs.

10.  Solid Spoon- This is great for cooking oatmeal with and also for serving meals with sauces and marinades.

11.  Flip- A flip is needed for making a favourite of ours pancakes, or frying eggs or searing salmon. Definitely a must have item.

12.  Strainer- If you love pasta then you need one of these. The one I have in the van is mesh and folds up nicely to save on space.

13.  Knives- Sharp knives are your best friend. A sharp knife makes any job so much easier, saves time and also gives your food a nice clean look. I have two sharp knifes; a bread knife and a chefs knife. These knives will do the for the majority of things.

14.  Peeler- A carrot peeler is a basic but a very useful item.

15.  Grater- I love to use fresh ginger and garlic in my cooking so I need a grater. Using fresh spices when you can rather than powdered adds so much more flavour. 

Well there you have it, a complete list of my kitchen contents. Hopefully they will have you cooking up a storm in your van too!

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