The Hidden Gem In Austria

Last week, we ventured out on our first little vanlife road trip since Corona Lockdown. With borders now open, we thought it was a great opportunity to test out travelling again.

Since living in Austria, we have been researching and compiling a list of must see places we wish to visit before we leave here, sectioning them off into groups of close by towns so we can visit those in the same area in the same trip.

We spent 4 days travelling around Salzburger Land, Austria and crossing the border into Bayern, Germany. It is an amazing time to be able to travel and is very surreal. Places that are usually flooded with tourists year round are calm and unchaotic. The streets are much quieter and crowds are non existent.

The absolute stand out of our trip was Sankt Wolfgang in Wolfgangsee. This town is the perfect mix of Croatia, Italy, Greece and Austria all blended in one. You could also tell the town has had some sort of American influence also. A stroll through the town is pleasant and the church here is incredible. Towered on the lakeside with its wall of archways, you could honestly sit here all day and not get sick of the view.

As we watched the sunset along the waters edge, there was hardly another sole insight, it was truly a breathtaking experience. We had no idea that a place like this existed in Austria, nor that it was even possible for it to. At that moment, we could have sworn we were by the ocean in the Mediterranean.

There is many hikes you can also do in the area. The Bleckwand is an absolute must! It takes you up the opposing mountains side where you get an entire view of wolfgangsee lake. Along with the incredible views from the top, there is a rock formation that allows you to see the view through it. Definitely a standout! We parked at the bleckwand hütte carpark which is half way up the mountain. From here, it’s an uphill climb that takes around 50-60 minutes. You can hike from the bottom which will mean you avoid the 7 euro car fee, however, it says it takes around 2.5-3 hours and is a steep uphill climb. We were pushed for time and didn’t want to miss this view so a 2 hour return trip was a good option for us.

For any vanlifers, there is a carpark basically right in the centre of town where you are able to park up for 10 euros a night! Not even a 5 minute walk from the waters edge! There are plenty of campsites located around the area also. As for hotels, take your pick, some look very impressive too might I add! 

We were sad to leave this spot and could have easily stayed here much longer, to just relax, take it all in and explore more of this area. Since returning back to our current base in the Kitzbühel Apls, we are already planning on returning to this beauty! Definitely worth adding to the list of places to visit in this wonderful country! 

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