Our Secrets To Navigating Andorra

From our time in Andorra, we can give you guys a few good recommendations. During our time here, our van was not yet converted. We did have a small period of the trip where we ate out for many meals or even had to stay in a hotel. This is not ideal in terms of being money conscious and budgeting, but it is nice to do every now and then if you can afford it. We did camp in the van for most of the trip when the van was drivable so we can also recommend a few campsites to stay at. 

Andorra… What a beautiful part of the world.

Getting around in Andorra is easy by bus if you want to leave your van or car parked at your campsite, hotel or wherever. The bus system and timetables were quite easy to follow and most places costed 1.90 euros to get to and from. These services run to all major towns so it is only if you want to explore more or go on a less accessible hike that you would need a vehicle, or be prepared to walk a fair distance to get there once you jump off the bus. 

Our favourite café by far was Orange Goat Café, which is located just out of Andorra La Vella in the Escaldes-Engordany area. It is easy walking distance from the main shopping district area of Andorra La Vella. This café had the best coffee and brunch menu, I had a good attempt at trying the whole menu…it was that good. The coffee was barista made and many of the items on the menu were similar to what you will find in hip little cafes that serve fresh, healthy produce. Most of the staff spoke English and that’s no surprise as one of the owners is Australian and this influence shows throughout the menu. The prices are quite standard and reasonable for the quality of the food and coffee. This café is a must visit if you’re a coffee lover and in the area, we can’t wait to go back.

When it came to eating out we tried our best to cook ourselves but occasionally you have to treat yourself. While basing ourselves in Canillo, we had some nice local and traditional food but nothing even came close to our 3-course meal for 17.50 euros each at Cal Bonavida Restaurant in Canillo. We did eat here numerous times while we were staying in Canillo and we were devastated when they closed for a break before there busy winter season starts. This food was 5-star and so was the service. It will definitely be on the top of our list of places to splurge at on our next trip to Andorra. 

As for caravan parks and campsites, we did stay in a fair few, In Andorra La Vella we stayed at Camping Valira. This park was quite good, it had everything you needed and was a short walk into town. You do pay more for this however at around 28 euros per night.

We then stayed in the small town of Canillo for the last few weeks of our trip. This town has 4 or 5 caravan parks and we managed to work our way around to 3. The best we found for wifi, facilities and electricity power was Camping Casal. The others we visited were fine, but as the weather turned for a few icy days, we needed heating and the other parks power couldn’t keep up. They were all similarly priced at around 17 euros each per night. 

I hope these recommendations are helpful to you all and you enjoy our picks on where to eat out and stay on your visit to Andorra…

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